Our Approach to Partnering

With over 50 years’ experience selling medicines worldwide across multiple therapy areas, we are committed to customer care and partner with like-minded companies to accomplish this.

Through organic growth and acquisitions, we have established product sales in 25 locations. We continue to actively seek new markets and new opportunities, establishing successful collaborations and initiating partnerships in other key markets, to build a network of strategic partners globally.

Our Vision & Core Values


We seek companies with the same culture and ethos as ours, so together we can provide extraordinary service to our customers.

Product Partnerships

We look after our partner products as if they were our own, acting responsibly towards each other and the environment.


We work with like-minded partners to out-license our Medical Nutrition range of products, and our Laxido branded products.

Our specialist teams offer their expertise to help you with your individual needs.

Support includes:

  • Sales, Marketing and Launch Excellence

    Intelligent marketing for your product

    With demonstrable sales and marketing expertise, We have proved to be a commercially agile business partner – a must in the increasingly competitive arena of new product launches.

    We are comprehensively equipped, through responsive and intelligent marketing, to successfully champion your product to launch and sustained growth.


    We have a dedicated team of national Key Account Managers supporting our customers.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

    Galen’s extensive experience of managing supplier relationships, for its own and its partners’ products, ensures that supply of manufactured products is matched to in-market demand.

    • A strong relationship with all wholesalers guarantees your product is available in both community and hospital pharmacies.
    • Galen’s storage and distribution process allows for shipping to wholesalers – and direct to hospitals.
    • To facilitate distribution, products can be shipped to our distributors in various locations, with whom we have a longstanding and reliable partnership.
    • We work with authorised distribution partners for product distribution throughout the Nordic regions in which we operate.
    • Our robust distribution and regulatory support are complemented by the expertise shared through our membership of the Almac Group.
  • Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance & Medical Affairs

    Galen – the secure choice for your product

    As part of the Almac Group, Galen has access to a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals based at our global headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, who provide key services across the functions of Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs to support the commercialisation of your products.

    Regulatory Affairs

    Our Regulatory Affairs experts work across all areas of product development, licensing and lifecycle maintenance.

    We’re alert and responsive to changes in the regulatory landscape and their potential impact on new and existing products, making Galen a proactive and secure partner.

    • Product development and licensing activities
    • Development of regulatory strategies.
    • Contribution to product development programmes.
    • Authoring, compilation, and submission of applications for market authorisation (eCTD operational).
    • Advice and guidance on licensing requirements across multiple territories.
    • Management of regulatory agency interactions pre- and post-authorisation.
    • Key experience in Nordic compliance procedures.

    Lifecycle maintenance

    Our lifecycle maintenance services are streamlined to maintain compliance, while minimising the impact on the supply chain and on your product in the marketplace.


    Our experienced team of professionals is responsible for ensuring that Good Pharmacovigilance Practice is maintained for all of Galen’s products.

    Our Pharmacovigilance System is well-established, and the team has substantial experience in all the key elements of post-marketing pharmacovigilance. We use an industry-standard pharmacovigilance database and receive and process adverse event reports for many of Galen’s partners.

    We adopt robust reconciliation activities for partner oversight and are available to discuss any support requirements you may have.

    Medical Affairs 

    Our Medical Information team consists of life-sciences and pharmacy graduates, with 24/7 medical support; we provide a full medical information service for all Galen’s products in the Nordics. 

    A prompt and accurate medical information service is vital to support the commercialisation of any product. 

    We also assist with the review of your promotional materials, in line with Nordic legislative and Industry Code of Practice requirements.  

  • Market Access

    Market Access

    Solution-focused market access

    Galen has amassed a raft of skills and competencies to take a product through the more challenging stages of market access. It isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process, and our dedicated team tailors a strategy to suit the product, excelling in a solution-led approach.

    We have long and broad experience of market access in the Nordics and beyond – in therapeutic areas spanning from highly specialized products and rare diseases to primary care products at both the national and regional payer levels. 


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Get in touch with Johnny McGaughey, head of business development at Galen. 

In the UK, we have developed the Trustsaver brand, which effectively showcases a portfolio of products that offer attractive cost savings to the NHS.

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